three live dj channels

Three DJs simultaneously broadcast their sets to the headphones wirelessly. The headphones light up Red, Green, or Blue depending on which DJ channel they are tuned to. DJs get instant visual feedback from the crowd by seeing how popular their color is. Guests too can see who is listening to what and which DJ is killing it.


personal headphone controls

Guests select which DJ they want to listen to and can change channels at any time. If they don’t like a genre, song, or set, they can move on. Not only do guests have control over their channel, they also control their own volume. The music is never too loud or too quiet - it’s just right. If it’s time for a dance break, guests can just sling their headphones around their neck and have a conversation with friends at a normal speaking voice. No need to shout over the music.


headphone branding opportunity

Our headphones can be rebranded with whatever logo you’d like applied. This becomes a prime sponsor brand placement opportunity. The brand is illuminated in every video and selfie taken at the event.


FUll Production Dance party

An RGB Sound Silent Dance Party is a fully immersive entertainment experience, complete with staging, lighting, video, smoke, and lasers. We can work with existing event or venue tech, supplement with our own if necessary, or bring in the entire tech package.